My Momma’s (slightly improved) homemade yogurt

Recently I posted a picture of milk on my Facebook page with a comment that I’ll be making yogurt later (among other things  … it was three gallons!).  A few people asked me for the recipe – so here it is!  My Momma’s (slightly improved) yogurt recipe 🙂 

We have had homemade yogurt in the refrigerator for as long as I can remember.  Both my grandmothers used to make it, and my mom made a batch every weekend.  So now I make it – although I’ve slightly adapted the technique my mother and grandmothers used (it seemed slightly barbaric … you’ll see what I mean in a bit).  
 So here is my version of momma’s yogurt recipe.  I’ll leave her notes in the parentheses.
What you will need:
Milk (Whole, or 2%) ……………………………………….. 1 Quart
Yogurt (either homemade or store bought) ……. 1/2 Cup
1 – In a stainless steel pot bring milk up to 180oF (if using raw milk for raw yogurt only heat to 120°F and skip step 2) on medium heat stirring constantly to avoid scorching the milk (Mom didn’t have a temp – “heat the milk until its hot but not boiling – it will start to get foamy.  Don’t walk away because it will burn and ruin the flavor of your yogurt”)
2 – Remove from heat and let cool to 120oF.  (Again, mom didn’t have a temp “let it cool down a little bit.  Stick your finger in the milk, if it’s too hot then it will kill the yogurt culture so you have to wati a little longer.  When you can stick your finger in there without it burning, the milk is ready for the yogurt.”)
3 – Take one cup of the 120oF milk and mix it with the yogurt starter.  Then pour the mixture into the pot and combine with the rest of the milk.
4 – Pour the mixture into glass jars, cover with a lid, and wrap with towels and a blanket.  The goal here is to keep the yogurt at 120 so the culture will turn your milk to yogurt. 
**Important note**:  DO NOT MOVE OR DISTURB YOUR YOGURT FOR AT LEAST 6 HRs.  This process works best for me if I keep it in the oven with the light turned on.  It maintains the proper temperature and no one touches it.  I also do this at night and the yogurt is ready by the morning.
5 – Carefully pull off the blanket and refrigerate.  Enjoy your yummy yogurt!!

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