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      I hope this topic doesn’t seem too redundant for the seasoned canners among us. I didn’t grow up in a canning family or in a rural setting. I’ve only ever known shopping at the grocery store from week to week. I’m at a point in my SOS journey where rotating and using what I have is more of an issue than when I first started. Looking for ideas. I’ve stocked what we use but I’m so used to cooking from fresh I often feel unsure of what to do with my canned stuff. I’m hopeful that this topic will be a source of inspiration and recipes that use home canned items. Especially looking for recipes that pull together quick since I do work full time and have kids in school and sports. Thank you all so much.

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      I can only what we eat (exception is my sliced pear jam that I often give as gifts). I can a variety of beans, cranberry sauce, applesauce, Cole slaw, pickled vegetables and asparagus, tomatoes, and tuna. I only can for 2 peopl, so often do “small batch” canning. I am getting ready to retire and am looking forward to canning more.

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