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      Post all your veggie Dehydrating Ideas and Recipes here!

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      Hoping to get good ideas about what to store my dehydrated potato slices in after following the prep routine of 1/8” slices, blanched for 4-5 mins, and dehydrated at 125°.
      What containers do you use? Is there any special prep, other than pitting dehydrated potatoes and putting into ziplocs or vacuum sealing them in a used pickle or “jelly jar”?

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      I have always stored my dehydrated goods in glass jars with air tight lids, then I add a desiccant pack just to absorb any extra moisture from the air. I live in an area with fairly high humidity. Keep in a cool dry, dark place. Humidity and light are the enemies of dehydrated food. Desiccant packs can be purchased off Amazon, make sure they are labeled food safe.

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        I vacuum seal them in Mason Jars.
        Make sure to let them, come to room temperature, before putting them in the jars and sealed.
        Jars and Lids, prepared same way as canning.
        Washed, sterilized……make sure completely dry.

        Check sealed jars every few days, to make sure there is no condensation in the jar.
        If there is, redehydrate them…. As they still have moisture in them.

        Hope this helps!!!

        Congratulations and Happy Dehydrating ?

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