Weekly Menu plan for Nov 27th through Dec 3rd

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My husband surprised me with a fun gift on black Friday (he might have heard me talking about these once or twice haha).  An electric canner and pressure cooker.  I’m excited to try it in this weeks menu!
Coming up this Week (Nov 20th-26th):
  • Sunday, Green bean and tomato meat sauce with rice in the pressure cooker.
  • Monday, Stuffed Manicotti
  • Tuesday, BBQ Pulled rabbit sandwiches using the pressure cooker with homemade chips
  • Wednesday, Make your own pizza bar
  • Thursday, Shrimp scampi with broccoli
  • Friday, Leftover buffet and Family Movie Fun Night
  • Saturday, Corn chowder with side salad
Bonus:  I’ll be making Bunny Nuggets for lunch this week so I’ll post the recipe for those too 🙂  *Edit* It is now posted, click here for the Bunny Nuggets recipe.
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