Getting started with home food preservation

SOS is not all about home food preservation but it is one of the ways we can SOS and the most common question we get is “What do I need to get started?”

The good news is, you may well already have most of what you need to get started! There are several methods of home food preservation, each with different requirements and applications. We usually recommend starting with what is called waterbath, boiling waterbath, or hot waterbath canning.

Waterbath canning is a great method for preserving high acid foods like jams, jellies, most fruits, pickles and tomatoes. All you need to get started is canning jars of your preferred size and a pot at least 2″ taller than your jars. We also recommend this canning kit for anyone getting started with home canning.

This video demonstrates the waterbath canning method. Different foods will require different processing times but the method remains the same.

You can watch the video on YouTube here

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