Canning Meat in a Carey/Nesco Canner

You can watch the video on YouTube here

Pressure canning is an intimidating task for many people but when it comes to home canning of meat ( and all other low acid items ) it is the safest method. It also happens to be MUCH easier than most people think. Using the Carey/Nesco electric pressure canner makes it even easier.

When it comes to electric pressure canners there are a lot of naysayers who will tell you it is unsafe because this specific device has not been approved by NCHFP for pressure canning. While this is true, it is also true that NO individual pressure canner has been approved for home canning. Instead, there is a list of requirements that a device needs to meet in order to be considered compatible with tested recipes. The Carey/Nesco meets those requirements.

5 Replies to “Canning Meat in a Carey/Nesco Canner”

    1. Why 8 cups of water? Is that for everything we can now?

      Why can qts of chicken for 75 minutes?

      These are new to me.

      1. The 8 cups is a new change because some canners were running dry during long process times and giving an error message that it was dry. If you processed with 4 cups and didn’t get the error you are fine, just start using the 8 cups go forward. The Quarts in the video were bone in and bone in chicken is processed at less time. Here is more info on the bone in chicken

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