How to avoid food waste – leftover upgrade night!!

Last night I made a bone in roast that left us with lots of leftover meat.  It was a prime candidate for leftover upgrade night! 

Everyone loved the leftovers more than the initial meal so I’m sharing the recipe!

Here is how I did it…

How to make the flavorful broth:

In morning before work, I took the bone from last night’s dinner and put it in a crock pot with potatoes, carrots, celery, garlic and onion. I then added salt, pepper, paprika, tumeric and Italian herbs (about half a tsp each) and filled the pot with water.  I set the pot to Low and left for work. 

When we got home the house smells incredible!!   

I then turned the broth into a cream sauce, added in the veggies and leftover meat and we had a fresh meal using last night’s dinner!  Here is how to make the cream sauce

How I completed the leftover upgrade:

I tossed the meat into the cream sauce to heat it up (still on low/med heat).  I then plated the veggies next to the meat and spooned over the sauce. 

It was DELICIOUS … all the plates where completely cleaned and we are officially out of leftovers 🙂