How to make butter in less than 60 seconds

We had a little fun on our snow day yesterday and made some butter.  Here is how we did it 🙂


  • Heavy whipping cream (you can make this with as little or as much as you like as long as the whisk can reach the cream to whip it)
  • Mixer


  1. Pour heavy cream into mixing bowl.
  2. Slowly bring the mixer to high speed (so it doesn’t splash everywhere)
  3. Let it go until the butter separates from the buttermilk (it will splatter, see video)
  4. Press out the liquid and drain.
  5. Rinse butter with sold water until water is clear.
  6. Press into a butterbell or container of your choice.

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One Reply to “How to make butter in less than 60 seconds”

  1. In my experience, it takes a lot longer than 60 seconds…but I do love making my own butter with good, local, high fat heavy cream!!

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