Help control the CRAZINESS with Routine Charts for Children

As  many of you know I’ve had many fruitful careers that I have loved and learned from.  Over the past several years my full time professional role can best be described as “Efficiency Expert” (as well as mom, wife, farm owner and blogger!) .  I’ve used many of the techniques I learned on the job in our home and on the farm as well.  They have helped streamline activities/chores and help tame the CRAZINESS we call life!  
I’ve shared our menu and activity calendar on Facebook last week and got great feedback and questions.  I’m still working on creating a free download for you but thought I’d share something a little easier to upload while I’m working on the family calendar uploads!!
Last year we added these three routine charts and they helped tremendously!!!  
Morning Routine Chart
The morning routine happens as soon as the kiddos wake up.  They are always ready before we have to leave in the morning so we get extra time to chat and have a relaxing drive to school!

After School Routine Chart
The After school routine happens as soon as they get home from school.  We have sports and activities some nights after school so we usually substitute the “Play time” section for that activity.  This has eliminated the gross lunch containers we used to find in the mornings when packing their lunch.  We also know that they are all ready for the morning with a smooth sendoff.  A bonus side effect of this routine has been learning personal responsibility and contributing to an organized living space! 
Bedtime Routine Chart

The Bedtime routine happens after dinner.  Typically they are excited to read a fun new book so they usually do a great job at this checklist to earn it (although we have had to push on some nights – especially when first introduced)!

Hope this helps tame the crazy in your home like it did ours.  Please leave comments bellow with your great “how we tamed the crazy” solutions below!  We can learn from each other – sharing is caring hahaha 🙂