Weekly menu plan for Nov 13th through 19th, and a review of last week’s

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We had a few hits and one major FAIL on last week’s menu.  For recipes and review look below.

Coming up this Week (Nov 13th-19th):

Sunday, Veggie turkey rice

Monday, Lemon pepper turkey breast on angel hair pasta
Tuesday, Homemade Chipotle bowls
Wednesday, Roasted turkey drumsticks and veggies
Thursday, Steak, cheese and mushroom sandwiches with homemade fries
Friday, Leftover buffet and FMFN
Saturday, Our first big family thanksgiving dinner of the season!
Review of last Week (Nov 6th-12th):
Sunday, Savory turnover rice casserole.  

*This was a big hit!!  I will be sharing this recipe on the blog soon.

Monday, Honey roasted Butternut Squash 

Honey roasted butternut squash, grilled tenderloin and thyme glazed peas.✔  

*This was another big hit!  For the honey roasted butternut squash recipe click here

Tuesday, Homemade Tacos. 

*Homemade Tacos are on our menu at least once every two weeks.  We make the tortillas, refried beans, salsa and guacamole from scratch.  Please let me know if you would like any of these recipes and I will post them for you!!  (If you would like Farmer J’s Guacamole Perfection recipe click here)

Thursday, Pineapple sage braised rabbit and veggies.  ❎ 
     We had such high hopes for this one!!! Unfortunately, it was just OK, but we will not be making it again.  Life is too short to waste time on just “OK” food lol 
Friday, Leftover buffet and FMFN.
Family Movie Fun Night is our most favorite night of the week!!  We do leftover buffet, games and a movie picnic.  More info in the “Bring dinner home again” post click here to see it.

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