How to sooth dry peeling lips in the winter!!

Continuing the #DIYBeauty series … I do this on most winter nights before bed.  Some nights only steps 1-3 are needed (always follow up with lip balm).  Other nights all 7 are a MUST!  Hope this helps you too!! Enjoy 🙂

Winter is so harsh on our skin.  Dry peeling skin and lips are so hard to control this time of year so it’s a constant battle!  Here is one way I’ve been able to control pealing chapped lips.

You will need:

  • Wash cloth
  • 1 “drop” coconut oil
  • 1 “pinch” sugar


  1. Get the washcloth wet with very warm water and wring out all the excess water.  
  2. Hold the warm damp washcloth on your lips for one full minute (this feels so good!!)
  3. Use the wash cloth to wipe away some of the dead skin.
  4. Massage one drop of coconut oil onto the lips (I lightly swipe my ring finger over the solid oil.  What melts onto my finger in one swipe is enough for this)
  5. With the oil still on your finger, dip into sugar and massage the “pinch” of sugar onto your lips sloughing away the remaining dead skin.
  6. Wipe off lips with the wash cloth
  7. Follow up with your favorite lip balm (or another “drop” of coconut oil).  Note:  Don’t skip the re-moisturizing step.  It is very important to reintroduce oils back into your lips/skin after exfoliating.